Fueled by Passion, Powered by Plants

Farm Sanctuary is excited to announce a new opportunity to go the distance for farm animals with our Plant Powered Run! Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals events have brought thousands of people together to celebrate the difference we can make when we put compassion first. Through this beloved tradition, Farm Sanctuary members and supporters have helped us spread the word that every farm animal is someone, not something, and that we can take positive steps to help these individuals when we align our actions with our values and make choices we can feel good about.

The Plant Powered Run will expand upon our previous Walk events by introducing a new run component - a great way to outrun cruelty with compassion and inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals everywhere.

Join us on the starting line of this new movement and together, we can take a step closer to a more compassionate world!

New York City

Thank you to all who joined us on June 10 in New York City for our first Plant Powered Run of 2017!

Sleep In for Farm Animals (Virtual event)

Can’t find an event near you? You can still make a difference for farm animals! Join us as a virtual participant in the Sleep in for Farm Animals or create your own Do-it-yourself fundraising campaign through Plant Powered DIY Fundraising.

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Phoenix, AZ – Novemeber 19, 2017

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San Diego

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